Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Act of Faith

I've been on hiatus as you may have noticed from my lack of posting. Not everyone in my life is privy to this project other than a tiny handful who I've told because I thought it would interest them. Other than that, it's a little secret that I'm keeping.

The last few weeks have been super busy with life things. Family coming out to visit, my niece getting married and the havoc that follows all those things. On top of those some pretty personal and tumultuous drama that I won't go into, other than to say that all is sitting on marginally calm seas with more calm on the horizon. We are just finally getting back into day to day rhythms so back to the project.

We are on the two month mark of the project with on average about a heart a week being dropped somewhere with no feedback from finders.

The thought that I may be wasting time, waxed paper and pen ink has yet to seriously cross my mind. I say that, because it's a natural thing to talk ourselves out of putting ourselves out there. Yes the thoughts cross my mind but those thoughts are swiftly followed by other thoughts. Thoughts that tell me that putting my hearts out there with their small messages is an act of faith. Faith that someone out there will find them, read them, and have that mean something for them.

It may very well be that all the envelopes I've left out there have been picked up and immediately deposited into a recycling bin. With each drop I know that is a possibility. Just like starting a new friendship, or continuing well cultivated ones, there is always the possibility that what you put out there will be rejected, ignored or ripped up. We keep at it because those connections mean something, are worth something.

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