Thursday, 5 June 2014

Picking Up Where I Left Off. Kind Of.

About a year ago I dropped off my last heart and then things got busy because kids and teaching art, and summer stuff and school stuff and all those other things that make up life.

Then I got to thinking one day a few weeks ago about getting back to the project. Te more I thought of it the more it became clear that carrying on a project that has been a year in hiatus was not the route I wanted to take. Then I thought about what I could turn the project into. Then I remembered seeing a group on Facebook that was specifically about the abandonment of art in random places and then I stared to make a few pieces of art in small cards with a plan to focus my area of art drops to a single place, Confederation Park in Burnaby.

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. - Rumi
Left to be found on a park bench by the children's water park and the track at Confederation Park in Burnaby BC.
So, (to make use of the term used by the Facebook group I've joined) I abandoned my first two art works in my new guerrilla series. A Breath of Fresh Air is the title I'm giving the project. Like the found paper hearts it has an element of text involve but the media and the subject of each art piece will have nothing in common beyond that the quotes will all be positive, affirming and in some cases encouraging messages.

I often find that I find the right words to help when the times are tough; right when I need them. Sometimes a small turn of phrase or quotation comes right out of nowhere and hits the nail right on the head. My hope is that the art I abandon with the quotes I've chosen to illustrate will do the same for the people who find them.

All A Bloom.
Left to be found on the first picnic table to the left from the sidewalk behind McGill Library entering onto the field.

These are the first in many more drops to come. The goal being to set one down on each bench and picnic table in the park.

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